A versatile duo experienced enough to handle different types of audience. Both has individual music skills with a great high quality live music performance in any venue with many repeated contracts. ​

Combining mellifluous vocals and indulgent instrumentation, Sonny & Johanna or more commonly known as SJLive, create a stunningly feel-good kind of music that’s just perfect for a cozy holiday night. Their sound—descriptively light but profound, reassuringly tender but richly textured—will transport you into a sweet, blissful landscape where you would willingly get lost in.

SJLive is a duo of gifted natural performers with a wide range of repertoire from oldies to Top 40s. Their genre includes jazz, bossa nova, pop, R&B, alternative, dance, and reggae. Among their most requested acts are relaxing covers or lazy versions of songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes off You,” “It Might Be You,” and “Just the Way You Are.”

This superb versatility—that swiftly shifts from heartfelt to head-banging, funky to refreshing, moody to eclectic, and mellow to invigorating—has earned SJLive repeated contracts in 5-star hotels and AAA resorts, both local and international.

Sonny & Johanna’s live performances have brought them in major hospitality and social venues in Asia—namely, Conrad Maldives, Hilton Hotel Osaka in Japan, Sheraton Hotel Taipei in Taiwan, Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong, and Hilton Dalian in China, among others.

Owing it to almost 20 years of playing music together, they have been able to transform their craft into a flawless, intimate medium. The satisfying result is an introspective musical experience that warrants lush harmony and pulsing tempo, with plenty of mesmerizing layers.

Both have individual skills that when put together creates a high-quality piece of entertainment. Sonny has been making a career as a keyboardist and pianist for 26 years. He’s quite flexible in any music situation and has a friendly and welcoming personality. Meanwhile, Johanna has been making a success in singing and been doing it for 18 years. Her talent impresses even the international audience.

Together, as SJLive, they perform with soaring passion and emotion, belting melodies that seep into your consciousness and playing hypnotic rhythms of which flow you can’t counter. Simply put, this dynamic duo spells total entertainment that can capture different types of audience.

So if you’re craving an event stuffed with serenading ballads to sweep you off your feet or groovy scores to ease all the weight away, let the music of SJLive take over the night.

January 2020



Year 2019 was an exciting year for Sonny & Johanna. With their repeated contracts with loyal resorts, they were able to meet again old friends and colleagues and enjoyed their time performing.  They had experienced as well new place and enjoyed meeting new coworkers and friends. 

November 2019

Starting a new journey with this newly opened resort Faarufushi Maldives.  Sonny and Johanna will be performing in this resort for the festive season until early next year.


June 2019


The 4th  season performance at Manafaru Island in Maldives had just ended.  It was a great time for Sonny & Johanna performing in the resort meeting various types of guests and working with JA management and colleagues.  Another season of amazing experience.

October 2019

Season 3 at Conrad Rangli was a blast!  The 3rd time to work with the team and had met also regular guests of Conrad made Sonny & Johanna's performance more special.




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